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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 10, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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what sweetheart, dara torres. she makes you want to root for you if you haven't already. >> you can't help but do so and see what happens next year going for another olympics. >> thanks for joining us today. we are going to be back here tomorrow. it will be friday. >> it will be. i know kyra phillips is looking forward to maybe as well. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. yes, we always cherish our weekends, don't we? thanks, guys. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. 6:00 a.m. out west and cold in the south. people waking up to several inches of snow in parts of georgia and tennessee. look at this live picture of
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atlanta. a hard freeze from texas to mississippi and farther north in the central plains, windchills well below zero. remember the super bowl fans left out in the cold? well, they had tickets but still couldn't get in because the seats weren't safe. the lawsuits have begun. a texas man hoping his suit becomes a class action. today is the day the long awaited verizon iphone is available. a new sex scandal boiling up on capitol hill and it's already cost a congressman his job. it's because of the shirtless beef cake photo that you're taking a look at right there. new york republican chris lee resigned after the photo and some details hit the internet. cnn's deb faeyerick is outside chris lee's home. my guess he is not going to step out and talk to you.
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>> reporter: he is not. the last reported sighting leaving capitol hill and someone asked him where he was going and he had no comment except to say this is something he needed to figure out between he and his wife. chris lee apparently lied about his age and lied about being divorced and lied about his job. the one thing he did tell the truth about is what his name was. apparently this was not the first time he had reached out to on craigslist as some of the e-mails suggest. what seemed like a surprising career for this up and coming republican ended in a matter of hours. he served congress two years, but once this hit the internet on gawkers, once the photos came out, it took about three hours for him to actually resign. now, the house speaker john boehner apparently did not force him out but this was something he could not survive. he issued a statement saying how sorry he was, saying how he needed to fix this, that he would do everything he could to
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make this all right. now, the e-mails apparently were sent from a g-mail account linked to his personal facebook page. his spokesman had earlier said that perhaps that e-mail account was hacked into. however, the e-mails to this woman on craigslist were sent before that hacking was reported and the picture that was sent was from a blackberry which you can clearly see in that photograph. now, folks here in western new york really they are pretty disappointed. one of the main reasons is this was a businessman who was really trying to rebuild the area and bring businesses to this part of buffalo. that's why there is sort of a sense of loss and sadness. >> you always come home and there would be messages to what he was doing and, you know, updating you on progress or whatever and for him to do something like this and throw it all away was sad. >> sad state of affairs when you have someone that you are supposed to respect publicly
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lets you down. >> really we need qualified people in congress to represent us and, i mean, everybody makes mistakes and nobody seems to be able to live with what they do. >> reporter: now, among many, there's a sense that by resigning, he did do the right thing. he was seen as unbeatable, but now the position is open. kyra? >> interesting to see what happens. deb feyerick, thanks so much. update on the remarkable recovery of congresswoman gabrielle giffords one month after a bullet passed through her brain. the arizona democrat is regaining at least part of her ability to speak. her chief of staff actually describes the latest milestone. >> she was having oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast and asked me for toast and she sounded great and very clear to understand. i said absolutely. we asked the nurse to call the cafeteria and get some toast. >> giffords has amazed doctors
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with her recovery so far. she was one of 13 people shot and wounded in the tucson rampage. six others were kill. one of those killed is inching closer to a lasting tribute. yesterday, the house of representatives unanimously passed a bill to name a federal courthouse in arizona after judge john roll. witnesses say the federal judge died while trying to shield another victim in the january 8th rampage. judge roll and congresswoman giffords on worked together to secure funding for the courthouse. we're keeping a close eye on egypt where our crews say that protests appear newly energized today. part of the reason? thousands of workers abandoning their jobs and joining the movement. they, too, are demanding that president hosni mubarak leave office but this new labor strike could prove pivotal. we will take a closer look at these high stakes throughout the morning and we will bring you any developments as they happen.
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we told you parts of the southeast coated in snow this morning for the second time in two weeks. you can see by these pictures, big trucks were absolutely no match for the slick conditions on i-40 near memphis. they jackknifed in the snow and landed in ditches. the snow actually began falling early yesterday in russellville, arkansas, shutting down businesses and making driving just treacherous. winter storm warnings and advisories in effect across ten states from louisiana to virgin virginia. residents in metro atlanta woke up to snow a little bit this morning in their yards and cars, up to 2 inches. you're watching live pictures of the atlanta skyline. crews were out overnight to keep the roads clear after an icestorm last month virtually shut down the city. rob marciano, we all remember that so well. i was relieved to see a little bit of snow in the yard but the streets were clear. >> any other year, this morning,
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we would be going bananas in atlanta. everything would be shut down. the schools would be shut down. a nice little dusting and wet roadways, not too big of a deal. the air behind this system, the core of the coldest air is really going to hang back and moderate a little bit over parts of the plains. we're looking at texas and parts of oklahoma. these are -- this is what it feels like. windchill values minus 30 in gage and minus 18 degrees in dodge city. farther to the north we are looking at temperatures that feel like they are 20 degrees below zero. it feels like 18 degrees below zero in milwaukee. windchill advisories up. this is dangerously cold air. you don't want to be out too long in this kind of weather. not including the windchill, minus 27 degrees in bartlesville, oklahoma. ponca city, minus 24 and
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fayetteville, arkansas, mine united states 18. this is incredible stuff how cold the temperatures are behind. obviously, some of these places saw a couple of feet of snow tho so that helps refrigerate the air. what are we looking as far as we go from here. snow out of atlanta. north virginia beach could see a dusting of snow on the sandy beaches of dare county today. cold air behind this but sunshine in to replace it over the weekend. there are better days ahead. >> good. we like to hear that. thanks. a powerful explosion sparks a blazing inferno in allentown, pennsylvania. killing one person and forcing hundreds to evacuate. a row of eight homes was destroyed. dozens more were damaged. right now, we're told at least five people are still missing and the search is on. residents of a nearby senior center were among those
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evacuated. jackie joins us with the latest. are they still hoping it's a rescue operation for those missing individuals? >> reporter: the flames have gone out and the recovery mode has begun. we have been watching as backhoes and heavy equipment has been going into where the fire happened overnight. as you said, one person is dead. five people are still missing. officials believe that the death toll will rise as the morning progresses. the explosion happened at about 10:45 last night. at first, it flattened two homes but then damaged eight homes in total during the evening. now hundreds of people were evacuated, including that senior center that you mentioned. there were some concerns that there might be a second explosion. fire officials were unsure if the gas that caused the initial explosion came from outside on the street or if it came from
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inside one of the homes so ugi was very quick to come in and turn off the gas to the area. now, as far as the weather, that played a major role in fighting the fire. fire crews came out here. they rolled out their hoses and tried to spray everything down. they used the ladder trucks and the water would freeze before it hit the ground. it also caused for some very slippery conditions. so, again, the fire is out. the recovery mode has begun. one person is confirmed dead, five more missing. officials believe the number of deaths will rise. we are expecting a news conference by allentown's mayor and firefighters and emergency response personnel early this morning and we will certainly keep you posted. >> jackie ferris, appreciate. t. back in september a natural gas pipeline explosion leveled a neighborhood in san bruno,
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california. it was heard for miles. the fireball caught on tape in philly a legal less than a month ago and came out of nowhere. it killed a utility worker who was trying to fix a gas main leak. u.s. military vets deserve the finest medical care, wouldn't you agree? but there is yet another example of how the system has failed them. more than 500 vets might have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis and guess what? it was totally preventible. angry words from an exbeauty queen. >> i'm 17 years old. i shouldn't have to be slandered like this. and my future shouldn't have to be ruined over this. >> she said she was fired because she got a little fat. pageant reps say that that's not it at all. we will try to get to the bottom of this texas-sized drama. ♪ you don't know
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♪ i want to walk in the open wind i want to talk like lovers do i want to dive into your ocean is it raining with you ♪ ♪ >> let's buckle up and go across the country. first stop, st. paul, minnesota. nearly 200 middle school girls from the laurel jeffrey academy put on zombie like makeup and costumes to re-enact michael jackson's "thriller. they performed yesterday to wrap up their drama and physical ed
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class. san francisco. pot of killer whales swimming in pods near the golden gate bridge. as many as 14 orcas came within 30 feet of the boat. how about bowling green, ohio? amy seifert has been wearing this simple gray dress since november 15th every day. why? to help raise money for victims of sex trafficking. amy says she will wear the dress until the end of may. let's zone in on san antonio, texas. forget the alamo for a couple of minutes. the drama is between beauty queen and pageant directors who took her tierra. she claim she got too fat to reign. so we are hearing both sides. here is eileen gonzalez. >> reporter: gutierrez beauty
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queen is in tears over the drama that took her crown. >> i am 17 years old and shouldn't have to be slandered like this and my future shouldn't have to be ruined over this. >> reporter: it is a he said/she said sort of dispute. pageant directors claim monique violated rules showing up to an event holding hands with her boyfriend. they say the main reason is that she was unreliable. >> she did not make it to functions, that she was scheduled for, that she agreed to do. sometimes she didn't show up at all and didn't even call and tell you she wasn't coming or if she would come, she would come an hour and a half late. >> they are bringing up stuff from the past and making stuff up that isn't even true. >> reporter: pageants coordinators had passed up the crown for her runner-up. >> she will fight and maintain
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her rain. >> reporter: her lawyer claims monique still hat crown and pageant directors say she doesn't. nothing will be done until a legal case is settled. >> the court date is set for next week. if all this drives on too long, san antonio might not send anyone to the miss texas pageant in july. more veterans possibly exposed to serious diseases because one professional allegedly wasn't big on hygiene or sterile equipment. y, y, then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh, boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay down our balance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. slate from chase gives you extraordinary control over how you pay for life's surprises. trip...lets... slate customers pay down their balances twice as fast with blueprint. fancy feast appetizers. for all the moments that make every day special.
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it's hard to believe that we're still talking about this topic but here we go. our veterans our warriors failed again by a system that is supposed to help them. this time, more than 500 vets around dayton, ohio, are learning that their va dental clinic might have exposed them to hiv and hepatitis b or c. and, once again, it was totally preventible with no -- well, with simple no-brainer hygiene. here is the disaster in a nutshell. a report states that a clinic dentist was so sloppy, so unsanitary he did things like hold the denture of one patient while opening the mouth of another. he used the same instruments all day long on every patient without sterilizing the tools. wore dirty gloves while pushing elevator buttons.
9:21 am
and wore dirty gloves while using the lunch room microwave. the report shows other employees, even a former supervisor knew how slack the dentist was in the hygiene department and are you ready for this? these disgusting practices went on for 18 years and employees knew it. that dentist has been off the job since last summer and he is now under investigation. but he still is on the va's payroll. serious deja vu here. the same kind of breakdown happened last year at a va dental clinic in st. louis. the year before that, hundreds of vets, possibly exposed to hiv and hepatitis through dirty colonoscopy equipment. don't forget those vets who got letters mistakenly telling them they had the fatal lou gehrig's disease. these are the type of mistakes that get dr. jorge rodriguez talking, an expert in medicine.
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dr. rodriguez, it is appalling to read how careless this doctor was when it comes to hygiene and sterilizing equipment. you know, how -- have you ever seen anything like this going on for 18 years? >> well, no. i've never heard of anything like this going on and certainly never seen anything like this going on. i think that is the correct word, appalling. what brings up in my mind is the fact that the va system and not criticize it too much because it provides a good service is the fact it's kind of broken because there is a catch-22. they knew that this person was doing things that were actually, you know, malpractice but they couldn't get rid of this physician. so that is a big glitch in the system right there. >> and aren't there supposed to be certain checks and balances in place? for example, monitoring equipment and also shouldn't this doctor have been supervised? >> absolutely. he probably was supervised and
9:23 am
there checks and balances. in the private sector, there are usually state organizations and regulatory bodies that come into physicians offices and into surgery centers to make sure that we are following the correct procedures for sterilization. it's really important, at least in the private sector, that if a patient has any suspicions, they need to go, first of all, to the physician in the center and say what techniques do you use? if that doesn't satisfy them, then they need to go to regulatory boards, usually the medical or dental boards. yes, that position definitely should have been regulated. so there are more people at fault there in my opinion than just the physician. >> interesting. you mention the private sector. when you see what is happening at the va and this has been more than once because we always cover this story because we want the best medical care for our vets, especially after what they have been going through, dealing with two wars. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> do you see this happen very often in, say, the corner store dentist or the corner dentist we
9:24 am
go to in our neighborhood? because, you know, the va dental clinics, they are pretty huge. >> they are very huge and there is two ways of looking at this. i think that larger organizations probably have a little bit more ability to wiggle through the cracks of a bad physician just because it is so large. and then the very small surgical centers also, since they don't have a lot of people supervising they probably have more wiggle room than, say, a hospital that has a lot of checks and balances. so, again, if a patient goes to a hospital or to a surgery center and they just don't see the things are neat and are falling into place, that should send off a red flag immediately, immediately. >> you're an expert in hiv medicine. >> i am. >> we're talking about more than 500 patients here. what do you think the chances are, when you read this report and you see how this doctor
9:25 am
carried out these procedures, what are the chances that these folks could get hiv, hepatitis c, b? >> luckily, luckily, kyra, the chances are low getting hiv. have to be a bloodied instrument to go from one patient to the other patient and cut the lining of the mouth. it's very rare. usually most people that catch hiv from a physician's office which has been almost zero, actually had an inoculation or an injection. hepatitis b and hepatitis c maybe a little bit more common and even hepatitis a because a lot of that virus is carried in the saliva. when i first saw and heard this i thought very little chance. that report you stated, that dentist went from patient-to-patient, one after another. i think they are probably not going to find any patients that have hiv, but it's possible.
9:26 am
though rare, it's possible. >> thank god, too. doctor, real quick, before i let you go. if i go to the va for on care and i'm concerned, i'm seeing the story and i'm concerned, what do i need to do if i'm going to go get in that dentist chair? >> well, the first thing is you need to ask them what sterilization techniques do you use? you have to make sure that they are kroog glovusing gloves. if you see one dentist go to one patient to another without changing gloves red flag. if you have a problem, go to their supervisor and if you don't get any reply, go to the administrator with the hospital. if you have a problem with, that then you need to go to your congressman's office and complain about that va system and the va department which is a federal department so many roads one can go. >> dr. rodriguez, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. va is telling us telling us this. failure to follow infection control procedures is not
9:27 am
acceptable and we take the safety of our patients seriously. the infection risk is tremly low and limited. screenings for hepatitis c and hiv are being offered at no cost to the veteran. should an affected veteran test positive, the va will provide the necessary care and treatment without charge. you're looking at live pictures from washington right now. a gathering of who is who among conservatives. the annual conservative political action conference or cpac. three days of speeches, strategy sessions and lots of noise about who might be seeking the gop nomination in 2012. speaking right now you probably know her, minnesota represent michelle bachmann. we will have a live report from cpac in a few minutes.
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new york stock exchange was formed more than 200 years ago under a buttonwood tree and now the symbol of american capitalism but could be overtaken by another exchange overseas. what is the news, alison? >> forget about wall street the center of the financial universe. the nyse where we are sitting right now is currently in advanced talks with germany's deutsche borse. if the deal goes through, deutsche borse shareholders
9:31 am
would own a majority of the stake. it's part of a bigger trend we are seeing. stock exchanges have been combining more and more lately and big competition from all electronic exchanges and trading now goes on at all times all around the world not just what we see here on the floor and makes the physical nyse building a little less important. by the way, nyse shares surged 14% on the news yesterday. >> so what about the rest of the market? how is it looking today? >> reporter: yeah, we have a lower open but off our premarket lows. a surprisingly strong labor report this morning. new unemployment claims tumbled by 36,000 last week, dropping to 383,000, a two-year he low. fidelity chairman ben bernanke speaking on capitol hill saying he is more optimistic on the jobs picture because the claims numbers are falling but be aware of the normal unemployment rate is years away, talking about 5%. today could be a big step forward if the claims numbers stay at this lower level in the
9:32 am
coming weeks. dow down right now 47 and nasdaq off by 22. kyra, back to you. >> alison, thanks so much. checking top stories now. shamed by a craigslist photo. republican chris lee stepped down say he is sorry about a flirty e-mail became public. he is married and 46 years old and a father of one. he he resigned three hours after the story broke apologizing for, quote, the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff, and my constituents. fans accusing the dallas cowboys including owner jerry jones and the nfl of breach of contract, fraud and deception. hundreds of ticketholders say she weren't told until game day they didn't have seats or their seats were in a completely different spot. if you're a verizon customer, today is the day. the verizon iphone available in
9:33 am
stores this morning. people have been braving the cold to get their hands on one all morning. fiery explosion has killed at least one person and destroyed a row of homes in all allentown, pennsylvania. we're now getting word that all eight homes were destroyed. dozens of others damaged. hundreds of people evacuated including residents of a nearby senior center. right now, rescue crews are looking for five people still unaccounted for. earlier the fire chief talked to cnn's "american morning" about what could have caused that blast. >> we don't have anything confirmed yet at this point. we believe it to be a natural gas explosion. we don't know if the leak was inside the home or out in the street. that all has to be investigated yet. gas lines are like water lines. as the ground freezes and thaws, you know, it tends to shift and sometimes it cracks the pipes. you know, thus causing gas leaks and water leaks. if gas is leaking out into the
9:34 am
street, you know, it's going to follow the path of least resistance and could seek ground into your home and stuff and any ignition source inside the home can actually cause or create that explosion. >> at one point, 500 people were in shelters this morning and since allowed to return home. tens of thousands of war widows taxed out of some of their benefits. they are told that they have to remarry to collect in full. taking a closer look at this so-called widow's tax and how many grieving spouses are being impacted by it right now. ♪ just ♪ savor and explore, the great indoors ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses.
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our nation's war widows, tens of thousands of them told to marry someone else if they want to fully collect their survivor's benefits. and that is not the only condition for collecting. these 55,000 spouses have to wait until they are at least 57 to get married again! those who remarry earlier miss out. so do those who don't marry at all. vivian wersel has been fighting to change the so-called widow's tax. her husband died in 2005 from a heart attack one week after returning from serving in iraq. she and many others call the
9:38 am
policy disrespect ful >> to me, it's insulting that in order for me to receive something my husband worked so hard for and we worked as a team, i need to be with another man and be married. that doesn't seem right. it's insulting. how could this happen? military spouses like wersel are eligible for survivor benefit paid by the defense department and annuity benefit provided by the veterans administration but the law keeps them from collecting the full oomt from both unless they follow the remarriage rules. a pair of bills are being introduced to do away with that penalty. the main hurdle? cash. it would cost about $7 billion over a decade. let's check stories that are happening later today. arizona governor jan brewer and state's attorney general will have a major announcement and talk about the state's immigration law and the aspects
9:39 am
of the law are under appeal. naacp presents 2011 presidential award to general colin powell. the former secretary of state will receive the award next month. it's given for special achievements and distinguished public service. president obama heads to michigan to push the national wireless initiative. he wants to help business extend wireless coverage reached to 98% of the population. next generation wireless network in marquette has helped put people back to work. nation's top conservative activists in washington right now and potential presidential candidates are lining up to talk to them. that is michelle bachmann you see speaking and we just learned donald trump is also going to talk. we go live to the conference site next. in egypt day 17 of the raup rising and the anger against the embattled president he is only beginning. >> it's over. there is no america and no hezbollah. it's his fault!
9:40 am
it's his fault! no good for americans and not good to hezbollah. it's good to him! >> angry crowd descends on a palace. we will have the latest on the deepening crisis.
9:41 am
9:42 am
thousands of conservative activists in washington for the start of the conservative political action conference. annual conference is taking on
9:43 am
more importance with less than a year to go until the first presidential contest. deputy political director paul steinhauser is there. >> reporter: good morning. i guess you could say this is the first cattle call for the white house on the republican side. you've got ten people seriously thinking of running for the white house and speaking here to the conservative activists come from across the country. it's been going on for almost 40 years. big news this morning is the donald. donald trump speaking five hours from now. we confirmed that earlier this morning. of course, trump is seriously thinking, he says, running for the white house for the presidential nomination. right now, the first of those presidential hopefuls is speaking michelle bachmann from minnesota. a darling of the tea party movement and one of the founders of the tea party caucus in the house and got the crowd going when she said barack obama needs to be a one-term president. on saturday a straw poll,
9:44 am
presidential straw poll. >> bachmann is known to ruffle a few feathers, paul by any controversy so far this year at the conference? >> reporter: yeah, there is one actually, kyra. a pro gay republican group has been invited and taking part here in this conference and because of that, about five or six major social conservative groups are not taking part. organizers this morning at a news conference said they acknowledged the controversy but downplayed it. as always some controversy involved. kyra, back to you. >> we will follow the conference with you throughout the next couple of hours. paul, thanks. your next political update in an hour. always go to our website for your political news. now paul just mentioned donald trump. last night trump told cnn's piers morgan his timetable for deciding on a white house run is getting closer. >> the country is doing very poorly. it just can't do much worse.
9:45 am
we're not respected anywhere in the world. i am seriously thinking about it. i won't make a decision until june but i will make a decision. and it may surprise people, frankly. but i will make a decision some time prior to june. i love this country. i hate what has happened to this country. we're a laughing stock throughout the world. we're not respected. when you look at what is happening in various places that we have always supported and, frankly, that we got along with other places that are collapsing, you don't see the other places collapsing. >> on cnn's piers morgan tonight, golden globe winner and oscar nominee colin firth is talking about "the king's speech" tonight at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. flashback today. 1942. ♪ >> big band leader glenn miller receiving the first-ever gold record for selling a million copes of "chattanooga
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♪ all right. taking you to egypt where crews are telling us there seems to be a new energy flowing through the crowds today. government workers joined the protest demanding the president step down and nationwide strike could cripple the oil businesses. one emerging leader of the anti-government movement says the bloodshed has ruined any hopes now of a political compromise. >> this is no longer the time to negotiate, unfortunately. we went on the street on 25th and we wanted to negotiate. they decided to negotiate with us at night with rubber bullets, with police sticks. >> protesters say they have reached the point of no return. if they are revolution fails, they face the punishment of a
9:50 am
vengeful regime so they press on and welcome new reinforcements for their movement and momentum. ben wedeman of cnn actually talked to some of the newcomers. ♪ >> reporter: hang in there, the reception line sings. freedom is being born. this is how they welcome newcomers to tahrir square on yet another day aimed at keeping up the pressure on the mubarak regime. the square was packed, many coming for the first time. i came today for the first time. i have been already too late to participate in these protests, and nothing will make this regime go unless we keep on coming. >> translator: i came to join the people in this revolution says a pharmacist that traveled from upper egypt.
9:51 am
it's always been my dream and every egyptian to live this moment of liberation. >> reporter: they say, mubarak, wake up, this is your last day, but they have been saying it for days now. >> get out of here now. it's our order. >> reporter: but president mubarak isn't taking orders. in fact, the government is striking back with a campaign on state television suggesting that the united states is funding the protests which have been infiltrated, it says, by hamas, hezbollah, iran and others. this woman brought her father, a university professor, for the first time. she says mubarak should stop blaming others. >> it's over. there's no america. there's no hezbollah. it's his fault! what we are in is his fault! it's not due to americans, not due to hezbollah. it's due to him! he has to understand that!
9:52 am
>> protesters on the ground telling their side now. the egyptian government telling something different. who is right? anderson cooper gives us the fact at 10:00 p.m. eastern. let's check in with all of our correspondents. let's start with the pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. >> with everything going on, is al qaeda, osama bin laden, still the number one threat? i'm stephanie elam in new york. the wait is over for a lot of people out there. the iphone 4 is now on sale at verizon. will we see the big lines we saw at at&t? i'm rob marciano, two feet of snow, plus temperatures over 20 degrees below zero. that is sliding to the east along with the snow. full forecast in the next hour. it's also being hailed a game-changer, the first real
9:53 am
evidence that surgery on babies with spina bifida while in the womb allows some children to grow up and walk without crutches. sounds incredible doesn't it? it is. we'll talk to one mother who took the chance to have the surgery and what it meant to her family. and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach.
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all right. i know you are excited about this, being a sports guy and
9:56 am
everything. talking pandas. pre-k, for pandas in china is what this is, jeff. i know you're thrilled. it's the first day of school at the research center in china. seven cubs. you know what their first lesson is? >> they don't have to learn to tie their shoes. >> it's not basketball, which we are going to talk about. learning how to eat from a bowl and not a bottle. you're not impressed. >> i didn't realize the bowl was moor complicated. the bottle comes more naturally. >> we will segue to history on the basketball court. >> not easy. it's not pretty. >> they're sucking more than a bottle on the court. >> the cleveland cavaliers are truly setting new records for futility, lost 25 in a row going into last night and with one more loss, would tie the all-time record for any pro
9:57 am
sports franchise. sure enough, byron scott's team did it. they just looked bad. let's be honest, the pistons are not that great of a team themselves but taking on the cavs, you look great, like an nba champ when taking on the cleveland cavaliers. they lost again. they have the nba record and tied the tampa bay buccaneers record back in the '70s in pro football. afterward, coach byron scott ripped into the team in the locker room and said he's mad as hell. next chance is against the clippers. you don't want to be the team that ends up losing to them. here's halftime of the kings/mavericks game. half court shot for a new car. it was grateful dead night. maybe he won a vw bus. crowd loved it but every silver lining has a touch of gray. the kings lost. they lost by two points, so they
9:58 am
could have used that basket. college hoops, an incredible dunk who help both teams. louisville on the fast break, and cha watch him posterize scott martin. after the dunk, watch the look. the stare got him a technical foul. >> didn't he push him in the chest? >> what a great dunk, but he got the t, so notre dame got points, and the cardinals lost to the fighting irish by 10. fantastic finish between villanova and rutgers. down three to tie. there's a whistle, ties it, makes it. the four-point play. you almost never see these, especially with one second left. huge upset over 10th ranked minnesota. when you pull off the huge upset at home, the crowd goes nuts and
9:59 am
comes onto the floor. great win by rutgers over villanova. >> you can push him in the chest? >> you are going up that high? bruins and canadiens last night. huge fight between the teams. basic all of the guys on the ice went at it. what about the goalies? they don't always throw punches. the goalies are kind of buddies off the ice. it was more of a slap and tickle than anything. >> slap or tickle. they didn't go for the faces. >> afterwards, price says it wasn't much. >> they just patted each other and skated away. it was more performance art than anything else. the bruins won the game 8-6. >> thanks, jeff. see you tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. out west, 10:00 a.m. in the east. five people still unaccounted
10:00 am
for after an explosion last night that killed one person. the thinking right now is that it was a natural gas explosion. as of today, you can have your verizon and iphone, too. the carrier and the gadget now united, available for the masses. >> you knew this was coming, a lawsuit over the super bowl ticket fiasco. remember how fans couldn't get into the game because of safety issues? a texas man was the first to take it on. he got into the game and said his seat was not so super. in fact, he said it was pretty darn lousy. well, a dire warning from the very top of the department of homeland security. take a listen. >> the threat continues to evolve, and in some ways, the threat today may be at its most heightened state since the attacks nearly ten years ago. >> live pictures from the capital where the worldwide threat hearing is actually taking place. on hand, top brass from the
10:01 am
national intelligence agency, cia, fbi and members from the departments of state, defense and homeland security. on today's docket, we now hear that osama bin laden may no longer be considered our country's biggest security threat. from the pentagon, barbara starr joins me. who's at the top of the list now? >> reporter: kyra, it may not be a surprise that bin laden has fallen off the scope because there's so much focus on al qaeda in yemen, in the arabian peninsula, anwar al awlaki, the letteric who is tied to ohm recent attacks. he is the one that really all eyes are on, and all eyes have really been on him for sometime now. so as this hearing unfolds at this hour, expect to hear a lot from all of these top officials about the broader threat beyond bin laden ten years after 9/11.
10:02 am
the threat has really evolved. it's moving into a lot of different countries. it's no longer just about bin laden, sadly, and, of course, the other major topic on the docket will be the unrest in egypt. james clapper, the director of national intelligence was reb e rebuked by the white house for not getting it fast enough, that egypt may be on the verge of some unrest. he's likely to get a lot of questions on that, what did the intelligence community know about egypt? when did they know it, and when did they tell the president about it comes? this should be a pretty spicy hearing. >> thu so much, barbara. the nation's top conservative activists are in the nation's capital as well for the cpac conference. there is more interest, not just because of the gop's takeover of the house last fall but because of next year's white house race. congresswoman michelle bachman
10:03 am
of minnesota just spoke to the group. >> the all-important must-have for 2012 is this -- making barack obama a one-term president! [ applause ] right? stand up. stand up! stand up! [ applause ] i think you're up for it. i am, too. this is it. this is the real world. this is when it counts! we're also keeping a close eye on egypt where protests appear newly energized today. crowds in cairo ballooned since these shots were taken. thousands of government workers joined the crowd from cairo to alexandria, and the new labor strike could prove pivotal, and could affect oil production and the free flow of trade through
10:04 am
the all-important suez canal. that hits home for all of us when it comes to a potential surge in gas oil prices. stephanie elam has more from new york. that's an extremely important route for a number of reasons. >> yeah, it really is, kyra. let's make it really clear about egypt. as far as producing oil, they're in the top 30. they are not one of the major contributors to the world of oil. that said, most of the oil they do produce they use inside their country. it's not really about what they produce. it's about this one or two really important territories that run through egypt. we're talking about the suez canal, which as you can see here on this map here, 1.8 million barrels a day flow through it in 2008. that shows how important it is. you get from the red sea to the mediterranean sea. there is the sue med pipeline
10:05 am
that runs to the left of it. 1.1 million barrels a day flowed through that pipeline in 2009, making it an important conduit to get through there to the oil rich lands of the middle east. if that wasn't there, look at what you have to do. it would add 6,000 miles to go around the cape of good hope, the bottom of africa, around to europe and, of course, off to the united states over there. all of that would impact us. at this point, kyra, gas prices haven't been affected. they are higher, a dollar away from the all-time high but not because of what is going on in egypt right now. the thing to watch out for is disruption. what we're hearing from the pentagon is that everything is flowing through the suez canal and the sumed pipeline, and as long as they are flowing, there shouldn't be a concern. the striking and protesting has nothing to do with the actual
10:06 am
business going on from the pipeline and canal. that's what we're hearing. we will keep our eyes on that because if it were to shut down, that could impact the prices we pay here in the united states. >> thank you so much. parts of the southeast coated in snow this morning for the second time in two weeks. you can see in these pictures, big trucks were no match for interstate 40. jackknifed in the snow and landed in ditches. also the snow falling in russellville, arkansas made driving treacherous there. louisiana, to virginia were affected. meantime, residents here in metro atlanta woke up to a little wet snow this morning. these are live pictures of our skyline. crews were out to keep the roads clear after the ice storm that literally shut us down. i can't believe it was a month ago now. feels like yesterday. >> certainly does. >> we don't have the resources to deal with the ice and snow like other states.
10:07 am
>> you know, we're not alone in that. there are a lot of states, cities, that had to deal with wintery weather this year who are not well equipped. it doesn't matter what kind of equipment you have. the more insulated, the better opinion when you talk about low temperatures, it is startling stuff. these cities had cold ground. arkansas, cans is a and missouri also seeing nasty cold temperatures, and that doesn't include the wind chill. dallas feels like it's 12 degrees out now. minus 14 in the wind chill in chicago and minus 13 in milwaukee. the storm is quickly moving offshore and looking at snow actually across virginia beach. that's beginning to taper off, maybe a dusting on the sands there. this is moving out to sea fairly rapidly. day time highs today, again,
10:08 am
going to be on the chilly side. you might get above freezing in dallas. 16 in chicago, and well, well below average. below normal again tomorrow. the northeast will stay that way through the weekend, i think. this cold and this high will hang around for a couple of day, but these suns this time of year are getting a little stronger, so we will see temperatures warm up fairly well as we get towards the weekend. for places like dallas that saw snow and ice, and a warmer weekend on tap for us. everybody except for the northeast. they get it next week. >> which is like it should be. >> you watch yourself on your blackberry and iphone. >> it's time to go back to the land line and forget about it. >> wouldn't it be nice to go back to the good old days. so much easier without the internet. >> rotary dial. if someone wasn't there, you
10:09 am
couldn't leave a message. a new york congressman, now a former new york congressman, yeah, he sent a picture of himself shirtless to a woman on craigslist, and, yes, he's married, and kind of hairy. you'll see that in a moment. but is this the new version of the mid life crisis? ncer ] enjoa complete seafood dinner for two for just $29.99 at red lobster. with fresh salads and biscuits. your choice of entrees. and an appetizer or a dessert to share. ends soon, at red lobster. fancy feast appetizers. for all the moments that make every day special.. high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon in a delicate broth, without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment.
10:10 am
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♪ you don't know [ male announcer ] that's why only zales is the diamond store. basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke. okay, fellas, remember the
10:12 am
gold old days when a mid life crisis meant a new corvette, maybe a harley or a big tattoo? lately the effort to rediscover one's manhood involves a camera phone, some chest hair and a mirror. you're looking at former congressman chris lee of new york in his mid-40s. he resigned after this pic and a first timety e-mail surfaced on craigslist. he was looking for a date. remember benny long, bishop here, his foray into bathroom photography came to light after he was accused of coercion. not shirtless but it was painted on. who could forget brett favre accused of sending inappropriate texts to a couple of missuch a therapists? we want to talk to the hosts of
10:13 am
broad-minded on siriusxm. we are trying to get you hooked up. christine, we can get the picture sent and the flirty e-mails, but skype doesn't always work beautiful, does it? >> christopher lee had no problems getting pictures sent but we apparently have a technical issue over here. >> you have such a sassy radio show. i have had the honor of taking part with the broads a couple of times. i know you are talking about this. when it comes to men and how they are using the devices, the stupidity is there but the delivery process is changing, isn't it? technology is helping these guys make themselves even more out there, i guess we should say. >> yeah, and what's amazing, kyra, is they don't learn from the previous guys. they are not learning from the brett favres or the tiger woods,
10:14 am
fab. they're redoing the exact same thing. did you notice in this particular picture, which i agree is way too much hair, he still has his work pants on, his slacks and belt. this could be taken at the capitol. slipped into the bathroom. >> that's scary. >> did you notice that? >> i didn't notice that. molly -- went dough have molly on the phone yet. we will keep trying to get molly up. what are your female listeners saying? how are they weighing? on this? >> they are saying their husbands have done this, husbands and boyfriends. we get calls all of time. it's not that they're not getting what they need at home. there's a serious adventure, and there's the risk to doing this and getting caught. he didn't even change his name because it's an ego thing. they don't change their name. they want their real name out and a picture of themself. they don't even get a gmail
10:15 am
account. >> we're talking about a con man, pastor athletes. do they think they won't get popped? >> they have to know they're going to get caught or is it so exciting that the risk is worth it? i think that's what it is. the adrenaline is so worth doing it that they take the risks. the family. brett favre was trying to use his face, the watch, the shoes. who sends photos like that? >> do you think men think this is attractive to us, that this is what is going to turn us on? >> yes, they do, and i really think they do, and it doesn't. trust me. this girl michele, she asks him, are you married? he says no, i'm divorced. he lies about his age, and i'm sing single. this is what is scary. you shouldn't go to craigslist, first of all, to find a date. this is what is out there.
10:16 am
the options are none. >> the lesson is out there. men, pay attention. it's out. that's it, picture, e-mail. christine and molly will be talking about it on the broads, broad minded on xm radio. good to see you. >> next time we will get molly in there and it will be more crazy. >> absolutely. congratulations, by the way. >> thank you so much. maybe it's time to look at what they are putting in kids' lunches. zombies have taken over one classroom in a midwest city. ♪ )%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%)%%
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
go cross country, shall we? first stop, st. paul, minnesota. well, nearly 200 middle school girls from laurel jeffrey academy put on zombie-like makeup and costumes to re-enact michael jackson's "thriller" they performed it at a college to wrap up their drama class. san francisco, a pod of killer whales swimming near the golden gate bridge. a nice surprise for a group of tourists on a whale-watching tour. in bowling green, ohio, amy seifert has been wearing this simple gray dress every day since november 15th. what's her goal? to help raise money for victims
10:20 am
of sex trafficking. when it comes to medical treatment, so often, life, death and everything in between is decided by how early a patient gets treated. now a cutting-edge surgery that can help sick kids walk, and it's performed before a child is even born. the doctor, his patients, coming up next. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply and get a free gift. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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10:23 am
every mother wants a healthy baby, and you know as a woman when you get pregnant, there could be birth defects that are pretty darn devastating, down's syndrome, cerebral palsy and spina bifida. you are about to hear from a mother who thought there was nothing she could do about her baby daughter in the womb until her doctor told her about a revolutionary fetal surgery, and it was that surgery that changed her life and her beautiful daughter's life is now 11 years old. we are going to hear the story as they join as live along with her doctor. they are all live in philadelphia this morning. doctor, i want to start with you. tell us about this fetal surgery that was in clinical trials and why jiovana was so perfect for this trial. >> well, actually, she had her operation before the trial
10:24 am
began, but i guess that was 11 years ago, right? yeah. >> mm-hmm. >> it was a repairing of the spina bifida birth defect before or after birth, two groups of moms, two groups of kids, and the findings showed beyond a doubt that fetal repair, fixing the birth defect before birth had bert outcome in terms of leg function and the problem associated with spina bifida, which is hydrocephalus opinion. >> that's amazing. i'm pregnant with twins, and spina bifida is one of the things that the doctor talked to me about among a number of other things. how risky was it for giovana to do this, to have fetal surgery? >> the risks of twofold, premature birth due to preterm labor, and on average, babies who had the operation done
10:25 am
before birth were bornlg about three weeks prematurely. the cut and the womb made in the uterus to do the repair is high in the uterus and that can tear during subsequent pregnancies, so mothers who have this type of surgery must have a cesarean surgery for the pregnancy weeks and weeks after the operation is done and for all future pregnancies ideally before the onset of labor. >> so, giovana, why did you take the risk? >> because we had hope. we had hope that mia lisa could live a more normal developing life and to be like everyone else. >> well, it's pretty amazing when you look at all of these pictures of her dancing. mia lisa, this surgery did do
10:26 am
amazing things for you. tell us what you can to do physically because your surgery was so successful. >> i get to dance and do things that other kids do, too. >> tell her about the rock-climbing wall. >> oh, my gosh, tell them about that. >> you got to tell them about the rock-climbing wall. are you kidding? >> in gym, we have a rock wall, and i can do that. >> wow. so, when you look at your mom, and you look at the doctor and you think about what they did for you, what do you tell them? is there a message you have to mom and to the doctor? >> um, um -- >> pretty thankful, huh? >> yeah. we think you're the greatest. >> yes, we do. >> giovana, what's the message here? what have you told doctors?
10:27 am
what have you told dr. adsek? what do you tell your daughter, oh, my gosh, i'm so glad i did what i did? >> i couldn't ever thank him enough and everyone at children's hospital has been so wonderful to all of us. mia lisa wouldn't be shoe she is today without the team. >> give me a pound. >> i love it. they all do a fist bump. thank you all so much tore joining us. it is pretty awesome to see the clinical trials have gone away, and now you are able to have the surgery, and mia lisa is a beautiful example of what the success is so incredibly important. what a blessing. thanks to all three of you. [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power,
10:28 am
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10:30 am
half past the hour. let's look at our hot stories right now. allentown, pennsylvania, an parent natural gas explosion, one person confirmed dead, 500 people evacuated, 5 people missing. >> congressman, christopher lee.
10:31 am
you can see what happened here. he lost his job after this. new york republican resigned. a married father of one allegedly tried to meet a woman through craigslist. a lawsuit over the super bowl ticket fiasco. a texas man is the first to take the case to court. he got into the game but said his seat was not so super. in fact, it was pretty lousy. stock market opening bell rang just about an hour ago. dow industrials down about 34 points. the wait is over. after years of rumor and speculation, verizon's iphone is on sale for the general public. stephanie elam looking at the sales and impact on eight aets, which had an exclusive olden the iphone. >> up until now. this is a game-changer because at&t was the only place you could go to get the iphone. now, verizon stories across the
10:32 am
country opening up at 7:00 a.m. are we going to see the massive lines that we saw when the iphone first hit the market? there are people out there. a lot of people have been waiting for verizon to get the iphone, asking steve jobs, please, please, get it on verizon simply because at&t was taxed with their data services, and a lot of people say my phone calls get dropped, i can't get things as faftd as-- fast as i would like to get them. most people are expecting to stay right there where they are at at&t because they already are in two-year contracts and don't want to pay the fees. to this end, verizon is offering unlimited data plans to current at&t users to see if they can lure people away. we will keep our eyes on this
10:33 am
one. this has been coming from years and years. we have heard about it for so long, right? >> we watched technology get faster and faster. the smartphone already a dinosaur before you even take it out of the box, right? >> that's so true. i got a new phone, too bad it's old. that's kind of what's happening because the turnaround pace is speeding up. the average time a phone spends on a shelf is about six to nine months. prior to 2007, the life of a smartphone was three years. the innovation has increased and life circles are shorter. the motorola razor was the number one phone for five years. can you imagine that now? that would not happen nowadays. phone makers used to design all components, and that took a long time to get it to market. google put out the android system. they customize it and dine and
10:34 am
do what they want it to do, and there are chips in your phone that work with android. because of that, things move faster, but there is a limit on how short these cycles can get because consumers can only consume it so fast. read more about it on it's interesting to see how quickly phones are changing. new jobless claims fell to their lowest level in more than 2 1/2 years last week. that should ease pain from a weak monthly jobs record. some 383,000 new claims last week, the lowest level since july 2008, so the jobs market is picking up steam and that brings us to today's third did second pitch. gary collins has been looking for work for 18 months. he's joining us live from salt lake city. your friends say you have the
10:35 am
perfect voice and personality for tv. you want to broadcast sports. we needed you during the super bowl. >> i really do. there was a statement that was said like my friends would say, man, there's an echo in the room. i would say things, and then the announcers would say the same things shortly afterwards. yes, absolutely. >> for example, what do you mean? >> okay, like, for example, in the fourth quarter, the steelers were driving, and i made a comment, hey, paul, if they kick a field goal here, it would still only be a one-possession game, immediately afterwards, that's what joe buck said from fox. he said that exact comment. pretty awesome. >> gary, hold on for a second because i have someone talking to me. stay with me for a second. can you tell me what you want to do with egypt?
10:36 am
[ chanting ] what are they reacting to? can we confirm the information we got about him stepping down? all right, bottom line, folks, bottom line, here we go. there are reports out that hosni mubarak may step down tonight. that's the word that we're getting. so we are looking at live pictures now of the crowds there in tahrir square reacting to that news. it's been out there for a little bit. we've been trying to confirm it. apparently we have. we have got crews there on the ground. this first came from the "new york times," and the word started spreading that president hosni mubarak could step down as soon as tonight, and apparently, delegate his powers to the new vice president, and this has been talked about obviously within the past couple of weeks. he has been steadfast in saying that he wasn't going to step down before his term was up.
10:37 am
he did say, okay, i'm not going to run again for president. but i am going to stay in power until that point. i'm going to start making changes. now we're getting word that egyptian president hosni mubarak could step down as soon as tonight. that statement apparently coming from the military panel that this may take place. so we're working this story for you, trying to get our reporters up with as much information as possible, and as you saw, we had live pictures -- we did get fred pleitgen on the line. you have been there watching the protests for the past couple of days. they've been very peaceful. how are they reacting to this news now? >> reporter: well, so far, i haven't seen much of the reaction on tahrir square. it's gotten a little louder since we have seen news or the news has sort of been circulating out there that hosni mubarak could, in fact, make a
10:38 am
major speech that could announce his upcoming resignation sometime tonight. the mood is i wouldn't say tense but looking forward to when they will hear something more specific about all of that. if you look at sort of the twitter and facebook chat from the protesters down in the square, one being wale goem people in. he is saying, great work. one of the things that we have to come back to is we have to recall the interview from a couple of minutes ago one of the key sentences there was we have to commend the protesters. they've won. this could be a major development that could happen here very soon. he wasn't specific as to when this would take place. there certainly is an air of change here right now here in krir row that you can feel. >> and the talk is that he would
10:39 am
delegate powers to the new vice president. what can we say about that? >> reporter: well, it's -- it was sort of difficult to read. he was speaking in sort of flowery language in that interview. the gift was he would delegate powers to the vice president once constitutional amendments are on the way. egypt is in the process of amending its constitution, giving people more constitutional rights and limiting the terms of the presidency. apparently they want to bring those constitutional amendments on their way before hosni mubarak stands down. however, tonight he could announce he will stand down once those are on their way. we have heard that yesterday mubarak held a meeting where he issued a decree ordering a creation of a committee to start implementing those changes, those constitutional changes, and one of those would then be
10:40 am
that the power is transferred to the vice president from the president when he is no longer in office. so it could very well be that the power will be transferred to omar suleiman. that is what we are reading. >> and we are talking about omar suleiman, mubarak's intelligence chief, and there has been some controversy about this because this is somebody obviously very close to the president who is under extreme fire by protesters. so what is your sense, if, in deed this does happen, if he does step down, and suleiman steps in to run this country, do you think these protests will continue? do you think that things will start to disperse there in liberation squary what's your sense? >> reporter: well, you know, that's a very, very good question that's very difficult to answer at this point. from the sense that i get from talking to people down in tahrir square, i think there are some
10:41 am
who believe that might be an alternative at least in the interim period. there are others who are more hard core in their protests who would not think that would be enough for them and who would want not just hosni mubarak to step down but for the entire government apparatus to disappear. they have not offered an alternative. that seems to be the key issue. it could very well be that it would greatly diminish the protesters you see coming out and chanting against this government apparatus, and, also one of the things that the government here in egypt has been saying is that they fear if mubarak steps down, that there would be widespread chaos here in this country and this would certainly be a way to tell people, we're averting the chaos but at the same time we're giving into the demands of the protesters and trying to make it as orderly as possible with suleiman at the head of this state. kyra.
10:42 am
>> all right, fred. stay with me. who is she with, carey? fred, stay with me, please. we have someone from the daily news egypt with me on the line. i don't know if you could hear what fred said, but what i would like to ask you, in case you know, these phone calls that came in today, these number of meetings that took place with hosni mubarak, do you have a sense or do you know who exactly has convinced him to finally make this move, if, indeed, he does, or has it been a group of people? do you know if the u.s. has had an influence here? were they a part of the phone calls? >> there's little fact right now about what's happening. all we have is our speculation. my own analysis is that the army had a major -- was a major factor in convincing mubarak because what has been happening over the past two days is not
10:43 am
just protests, but labor strikes in key industries. i don't think the army can handle all of the security of the cities and the major businesses and at the same time keeping everything functional. they might have asked him to step down, but so far, everything is not clear. >> okay, and sarah, i asked fred this. what is your sense, since you have been covering this story, and you have been working for daily news egypt of how protesters are reacting to the news right now? we can get a sense that things are still pretty peaceful, but you can hear them chanting. if omar suleiman does take over as early as tonight, what do you think we could see happen here in tahrir square? >> definitely, mubarak's departure will get a lot of people to leave. that's the general consensus here now, but omar suleiman has made a lot of statements over
10:44 am
the past few days that didn't bode well with the protesters or a lot of activists or observers here in egypt. so he is generally not liked as the figure that would take the position. whether this would lead more protesters to stay on the streets, demanding the whole regime change or not is still unclear yet. we're still worried about what would happen if mubarak steps down tonight because tomorrow protesters were planning an escalation of protests, major marches throughout all of the cities, and that they would get more numbers than they ever got before. whether these protesters will go on with their marches, to commemorate the people that were killed in protest is not clear. would the army tolerate that if omar suleiman takes over and if there is, as rumored, martial law imposed in the country, in case mubarak leaves, it is still
10:45 am
too early to judge. there's a lot of speculation and less facts. >> got it. stay on the line with us. if you are just tuning in, breaking news out of cairo, egypt. we are getting word that possibly after a number of meetings and phone calls today, that egyptian president hosni mubarak may step down as early as this evening. who would take his place, his newly appointed vice president, who you see there on the other side of your screen, omar suleiman, his intelligence chief he appointed vice president. we want to go ahead and simulcast with our sister network cnn international. ben wedeman is talking about what he knows on the latest breaking development out of cairo. >> outside pressure, say, from the military? >> reporter: well, i think, really, there's a good deal of
10:46 am
pressure at play here, from the military, from the street, from countries like the united states. they want him to move on to somehow step aside so this current sort of buildup to god knows what, can be avoided, because -- but we also know that president mubarak has told people that he has a ph.d. in stubbornness and his few public appearances in the last 2 1/2 weeks have indicated that he after many years of service to egypt as a man in the military, as vice president and as president, that he's not exactly eager to leave office under a dark cloud, but cairo and all of egypt at the moment is very much under a dark cloud of uncertainty as to whether or if he's going to step down at all. >> stand by, ben, because i would like to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world joining us here at the international desk, and, ben, if you would, just run
10:47 am
us through what stood out for you in that conversation i had with the general of the democratic party and this thoughts and expectations that president hosni mubarak could, indeed, step down before september if constitutional changes are made. your thoughts again, ben. >> reporter: well, obviously, there is a good deal of pressure from so many quarters, from the street, from tahrir square behind me, from this growing and suddenly assertive labor unrest for him to step down. you have the united states which i think desperately would like him to step aside so the power, the confusion can be cleared away, but there are others who want president mubarak to stay in. we know that king abdullah of saudi arabia told the united states not to embarrass or humiliate president mubarak. there are other arab regimes that are very uncomfortable with
10:48 am
the current situation. he is obviously pulled in many different directions, but certainly the direction he's being pulled in egypt is off of his seat, out of power. >> indeed. what did you make of what the secretary-general of the ndp said about this transfer of power to the vice president and not to the speaker, which was always my understanding of what is in the constitution right now, that power would shift to the speaker and elections in 60 days? >> reporter: that's right. according to the constitution, power goes to the speaker of parliament, and within 60 days, there would be elections. but, of course, the speaker of parliament is seen as a very illegitimate speaker because he is speaker of a parliament that many egyptians believe was fraudulently elected. in late november, early december, there were parliamentary elections here which were wrought with rigging
10:49 am
and fraud so there is a good deal of hesitation to see power go to a man who represents a body most egyptians consider to be corrupt and unrepresentative of the mass of the population. whereas in the case of vice president omar suleiman, many people do have reservations about him, but even though who are opposed to president mb, at least among them, there are people who say, look, this is a man who knows how to run the country. we may not like his methods, but he is somebody who can control the situation and might be able to gradually engineer egypt out of this current crisis to some form of stability whereby the measures have ground could be laid for some sort of peaceful transition. >> ben, it's 5:49 in cairo. we see the scenes from cairo's tahrir square thousands jammed into the square, the pressure
10:50 am
mounting against president hosni mubarak. the u.s., the people on the streets we continue to see scenes of. what of the military in all of this, this development, if you will, that there are serious discussions that president hosni mubarak could step down before september? what's their fingerprint on all of this? >> reporter: well, basically who controls egypt at the moment? it's the military. the police have come back on the streets in a limited number but it's really the military who has all of the cards in its hands. it's managed to reduce the amount of violence between pro and anti-mubarak forces. it's all over the country. i was in a town near the nile delta. there are tanks up there. no police to be seen. so really it's the military that has a certain amount of trust among the protesters. the government itself realizes that it's the military that calls the shots. so, really, they can decide at this point whether to allow
10:51 am
mubarak to stay in power for a limited amount of time, or they can simply say, look, you are tainted in this situation, and you must step down. we are still waiting for them to make some sort of definitive statement as to where they stand, and i imagine had they do come out and make a statement, it will probably be decisive. >> we are hearing that president hosni mubarak may address the nation today. we don't have a time for that expected announcement address, but, ben, what is your sense, if indeed, president hosni mubarak comes out and says what the ndp secretary-general said? would that be enough to clear those people in tahrir square, news of omar suleiman taking over power? >> reporter: well, there are a lot of concerns about omar suleiman, his background as the head of intelligence in egypt, and, of course, intelligence is one body of the state many egyptians have not only great
10:52 am
distrust of but also fear of. but, really, it's hard to say at this point where omar suleiman will figure in the equation. he certainly has been for many years the right-hand man of president hosni mubarak. he is somebody who mubarak trusts implicitly, but it's hard to say at this point isha. >> ben, stand by. we have shown ow viewer the pictures. you have seen the sights. listen to the sounds with us out of cairo's tahrir square. ben, a short time ago, just before we got you up live, the crowd were united in, it seemed, one chant or series of slogans. can you tell us some of the
10:53 am
sounds what they are saying there in tahrir square when they make these chants, when they shout out these slogans? >> reporter: well, i'm a little too far away to hear what they're saying at the moment, but they've got some very imaginative chants down there. just to get back to the earlier question. i mean, what people want, it's not just a change at the top. they don't want to see president hosni mubarak replaced by omar suleiman. they are talking about a complete change of the regime, a dismantling of the police state, end to the emergency law that's been in place since 1981. they want to see parliament dissolved for all of the reasons i have mentioned before. so they will be pleased to a certain extent that they were very much able to bring down president mubarak, but they have much bigger am bigs. they want to see the regime and all that means completely taken down and a new government, a
10:54 am
government that's democratic, representative, that does not depend on arbitrary arrests, torture and corruption. they want to see something completely new. isha. >> ben wedeman, stand by, because i want to bring in someone down in tahrir square, home to these protests. ian, if you can hear me, describe for our viewers in the united states and around the world what you are seeing, what you are hearing among the crowds there. >> reporter: well, right now, it is packed here in tahrir square. people are anticipating something big to happen. no one is really quite sure what is going to happen but there are a lot of rumors that president hosni mubarak might step down. people are all talking about that right now. they're chanting slogans "down with the government." we're hearing women who are screaming. it's very, very festive down
10:55 am
here in tahrir square. >> festive atmosphere there. ian, have they been able to pick up on the development we're hearing of, if the president did indeed step down, he could transfer power to his vice president, omar suleiman? has that trickled down to the square? >> reporter: that is something people are talking about. their big demand in the beginning was president mubarak to step down, but people -- if that happens, this place will erupt like never before. it will be a huge, huge scene of exuberance. right now, people are still talking. they're screaming. they're celebrating, and the news hasn't even happened. i can only imagine what it is going to be like when -- if the news breaks. >> what's your sense, ian, would that be acceptable to people there in tahrir square if, indeed, omar suleiman was to take the reins of egypt?
10:56 am
>> reporter: definitely people are divided on that. a lot of people seem him as part of the old guard, part of the old system they are trying to get rid of but by and large, most people here would be happy if president mubarak stepped down and then they'll deal with that in negotiations, but i think you'll see a lot of people, you know, this -- this protest start to wind down, if you do see president mubarak leave. you do have people who are against omar suleiman, but would you have fewer people here in tahrir square. >> the secretary-general of national democratic party says the people in the tahrir square have won if indeed this is the eventuality. once again, describe the mood there in tahrir square because they certainly do seem re-energized. >> reporter: oh, definitely. just walking into tahrir square,
10:57 am
everyone was asking -- saying, it's going to happen soon, it's going to happen soon. people are just anticipating it. people are all smiles. there's drums. there's music. it's definitely -- it's probably the most packed that i've ever seen the square. it is definitely -- you know, if the news were to come in that hosni mubarak steps down, this will be the place to be this night in egypt. >> it is just a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. there in cairo. it is absolutely packed. it would appear that people just continue to make their way to tahrir square, which has become the focal point of all of this. >> reporter: definitely. i just saw people streaming into tahrir square. i saw a few people who were leaving and asked where they are going. they said we have to drop stuff off, and we're going to be right back. it's going to grow the more
10:58 am
people are anticipating what is coming next. this place is bursting at the seams. >> people are standing by in tahrir square in anticipation of some kind of address from president mubarak. we're hearing he will speak out today. ian, stand by. we appreciate the insight and descriptions. for our viewers from around the united states and around the world, we want to play the interview of the democratic national party, the ruling party there in egypt, who gave us his insight and expectations of what will happen next. >> maybe, i don't know this, but this is a request from me as the secretary-general that as long as the constitutional amendments are being passed to the parliament by request of the president, so he might be giving a talk to the nation for his next step, which i believe
10:59 am
should accommodate the protesters. >> i just want to bring our viewers some startling news. we are just learning of here at the international desk. word coming to us that leon panetta, head of the cia has said just moments ago -- we are just getting this information, that president hosni mubarak of egypt, the beleaguered leader of that nation could indeed step down as president today. that is the news we are just getting, that president mubarak of egypt could relinquish power of that nation that has been in turmoil for more than two weeks today. we spoke to the secretary-general of the democratic national party earlier


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